Hello World!

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Hello world!” is right. I am coming out and starting a journey into the unknown. I am writing this blog from a police officers perspective. Well, that’s because I am a law enforcement officer. I have been working as a police officer for over 8 years now. 5 of those years involve being a school resource officer. It seems almost that this is all I know. I had a blog once before and it gained a lot of popularity. I ended it due to pressures from my place of employment. Through that period of “chastisement” I learned a few things. First, write anonymously. This I did the first time. However, it was not as anonymous as I had thought. This time, they will never know who I am unless they have a subpoena. This time as well, I will not write in detail the activities of my day per se. However, I will comment on my perspectives from my daily experiences being a police officer, father, role model, husband and human. I sincerely hope to offer some insight to the world I live in.  Yes, this may sound crazy, but the world I live in is different and separate from the world those outside of law enforcement live. I am a Shepard, and you are my sheep. I watch at night when others are asleep. I watch over the masses and protect them from harm.

I hope that my blog will inspire and give insight to what that is that I do and my brothers behind the badge do as well. Our path is not easy. It is the warriors path. This may sound cliché to some, but once you begin reading my experiences and that of other officers in the news you will understand why I call those in my profession “warriors.”

This is the first post. I hope the journey is as worth the ride it was last time. I am excited. I hope you are too.  To get the juices flowing on what it is that we police officers do, I am awakened to the wonderful explanation Paul Harvey gave on police officers. I think it will do just fine to prove the point. See below.


  1. Mad Jack says:

    Nice to see you in print! Here’s a tip of my fedora and a hoist of the evening bourbon glass to you, sir. I’ll look forward to reading your contributions.

  2. bay area native says:

    im not a conservative like you but i am excited for your blog. i love police blogs, they are awsome. i’ll dedicate a glass of wine to this venture’s future tonight. woohoooooo

  3. Meadowlark says:

    G&T toasting from here. Happy VD Day and enjoy the 14th of March as well 😉

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