Egypt,How About That Change?

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Boston Tea Party

How can one think about anything else today when a cause for freedom has erupted for 18 days in Egypt. This event has taken over the mainstream media.  Our news outlets swarm, hover over, and beat to death anything that is considered “newsworthy.” On a day like today, when the repressive President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak decided to step down after pressure from its people who thirst for democracy it was indeed newsworthy. I applaud the Egyptian people. This event makes me reflect on many ideas. 

One, it is amazing what the will of the people can do no matter how repressive or oppressive its government is towards the people. Case in point Tiananmen Square, China and now Cairo, Egypt. If there were more events like these before my time I apologize for not mentioning them. These two, I can say that I witnessed personally.

Two, keeping with the theme of change-here in the good ole U. S. of  A. people claim they want change. They entrusted politicians (again) in 2008 found in the name of Obama that he would bring the change they wanted. 2 years later, people feel now want a complete overhaul of the government; a downsizing of it as well. It makes me wonder how much will the American people take. The view from over here when watching the events in Cairo seem barbaric to a point. We Americans have a sense of civility about us that we feel that those days of taking it to the streets in protest over serious issues like toppling its leaders out of office are over or not needed. But, I feel this attitude over the years has gotten us to where we are today. Political correctness rules the day over common sense. Christianity is attacked in every aspect of society; school, sports, news media, and public.  How dare you say a prayer in school! You must allow Muslims to have their prayers. This is not about Christians vs. Muslims. Rather, it’s about America getting away from who it is.

The Tea Party showed me that there is some fight left in us lazy and overweight Americans who seem to uphold primetime tv shows and texting rather than standing up for freedom. I wonder how long the peaceful Tea Party will continue on. I wonder if Americans will ever actually boycott the government like the real tea party that occurred in Boston, Massachusetts on December 16, 1773. What will it take America? It kind of excites me to think what real changes could be made if it were to happen. But the real question is whether or not America cares that much.

Some will say, well the need for violent protests are not necessary because we have free elections. We vote in and out politicians as often as we want. Well, I fear that this process has began to be unfruitful. I am not calling for a massive overthrow of the government. It is actually scary how easy I can get myself down this path. I guess I am feeling extra patriotic now that some people in this world still fight for freedom and never give up. 18 days is not easy to keep up in the face of violence and impossible odds. But Egypt showed that it would do whatever it takes to get an oppressive dictator out of office and hand the power back to the people of Egypt.

It kind of makes what George Bush did in Iraq after 9-11-2001 seem like he cheated democracy’s natural evolution. What we saw in Egypt proved you need not military power to topple a country. If the mass majority of the people want it, they can have it. Wake up America! Will you rise up from the liberal and sarcastic ways, or will you sit idly by. Time will only tell. Just remember to ask yourself, how do you like the “change” you voted in 2008?


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